Born in the dark, icy caves of Northern Germany, Dennis Riebenstahl yearned for the Californian sun.

In lieu of said perfect light source, he found solace in film lighting.


Alas, the perfect path towards shaping luminous delights took a detour through the world of post production. Thankfully, it provided Dennis with the occasion to learn the craft of editing and compositing—first as an assistant editor for feature films at SKYeditorial Postproduktion, then as a junior editor/compositor at Cobblestone—one of Germany’s top commercial film productions. Even in the beautiful Canadian south he edited and composited away for Optix Digital Pictures.


Feeling the need to break the heavy chains of full-time employment, Dennis became a freelance editor and thus found many opportunities to explore various genres and different-sized productions.


When confronted with the independent film industry in Hamburg, he dared to step—yet again—out of the editing suite and into the fire that is on-set production. Dennis—who had a one-year stint as a stage manager at the English Theatre of Hamburg—rediscovered his love of working with actors and film crew.

He helmed the production of a TV-pilot and several subsequent episodes as director and cinematographer in 2012 and henceforth focused his energy back on his passion of cinematography.


Multiple productions, as assistant cameraman and director of photography, later, Dennis is happy to take on new projects of many genres and sizes. He is owner/operator of a Blackmagic (BMPCC 6k) and an Arriflex (35 III) camera, as well a various lights and lenses.

But regardless the scale of the project, Dennis is ready to take on every artistic challenge.