Cinematographer / DoP

Dennis Riebenstahl


Selected Works

Crsto “Clouds” (Music Video)

Director: Dennis Riebenstahl
Director of Photography:

Patrick Wegener

Dennis Riebenstahl

1st AC

Lucas Jung

Producer / Editor:

Moe Bakhshipour

Die Möwe (Preview)  
Director: Nick Buckenauer
Written by:

Sebastian Droschinski

Nick Buckenauer


Dennis Riebenstahl

Kampf der Künste “#SlamIsBack”  
Producer/Director: Sebastian Droschinski

Dennis Riebenstahl

Dennis Riebenstahl is a freelance Cinematographer and DoP based in Hamburg, Germany. His background is in editing, lighting and camera operating in both the commercial and independent film industry.

He is available for projects in the area of feature and advertising, as well as documentary and music video.

He is an owner/operator of both digital and film cameras (S35mm) and maintains relationships with the rental houses in Hamburg.

Contact Dennis for more information and availability.